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DAY 10.... Hogar de Paz x 2

Hello...  It's Sheila,

This was a GREAT day!!  Sam will be talking about the start of the day down below - and it was amazing, so be sure to keep reading to the end.  :) 

In January I put out a plea for my friends and family on Facebook to contribute to buying sewing machines for my Colombian friend Rafa.  He has a vision to help women learn to sew and leave their lives of prostitution.  Last year I was able to purchase one machine but this year there was enough to buy FIVE!!! 

Because of the brevity of time left in our time here, Rafa decided to sneak me away from the group and go down to the far south end of Bogota to see a guy, who knew a guy, who knew a guy that sold Singer machines and would give us a good deal. 

In the 13 times I have been to Colombia I have never driven faster than about 60 km/hr.  Today that changed as Rafa took me on the ride of my life (NASCAR style) through the busy streets of the city - all the while telling me stories, texting, and making phone calls.…

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