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  Our final two days in Bogota were full ones (again).  Saturday we went work with the kids from Hogar de Paz - Prado and Lijaca.  There were 31 kids and 8 workers that enjoyed our games, facepainting and crafts.   Today (Sunday) was spent at Barrio Egipto (Egypt) - the oldest (and most dangerous) neighborhood in Bogota.  We basically led the service with our Wiseman and Foolish man skit, singing our 2 Spanish hymns, a magic trick, and mini messages from Ezra and Cam.  It was amazing how God gave us strength and courage for this.   We have now said our goodbyes to our beloved Colombian friends and its time to pack up and head for home. But here are the final thoughts from our last few hours in this amazing country.   The last two days have been a blur of excitement. getting to reunite with the Hogar De Paz kids was a great blessing. Speaking in church today was terrifying and exiting all at the same time, but thanks to the lord it went smoothly. <Ezra Playing with the Hogar de Paz k

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