Colombia 2016 Schedule!!

We invite you to pray day by day, hour by hour for us as we travel and journey through Bogota.  The time difference is 2 hours ahead of Alberta time... so you can make adjustments for the time changes. (9:00 in Bogota will be 7:00 in Three Hills)

Colombia 2016 Schedule

Friday, February 5
3:00 am            Depart Three Hills via school coach
6:40 am            Depart Calgary – United Airlines 1599 – to Houston, TX
11:50 am          Arrive Houston – eat lunch at airport
3:30 pm            Depart Houston – United Airlines 1007 – to Bogota
9:45 pm            Arrive Bogota – go to guesthouse

Saturday, February 6
8:00 am           Breakfast at Guest House
8:45 am           Depart for Luz y Vida (special needs orphanage)
12:30 pm         Depart to shopping centre El Salitre for Lunch & ATM
                          Drive to Futuro Juvenil in La Mesa

Sunday, February 7
In La Mesa – will be on their schedule for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Will be attending church then doing a children’s program all afternoon with the kids at the orphanage.  (Face painting, games, crafts, Dance performance, singing, etc)

Monday,  February 8
6:30 a.m.          Breakfast at Futuro Juvenil
7:15 a.m.          Depart for Funza
9:00 am            Teach English lessons in Funza
3:00 p.m.          Depart for guest House
4:00 pm            Shopping centre stop (coffee/candy, etc)

Tuesday, February 9
6:30 a.m.          Breakfast at Guest House
7:15 am            Leave for Hogar de Paz Daycare center at Maranata
10:00 am          Leave for ECA
2                          10:30 p.m.        Canada Day!  At ECA
5:00 pm            Dinner with ECA families (2-3 per group)
8:00 pm            Back to Guest House

Wednesday, February 10
6:30 a.m.          Breakfast at Guest House
7:15 am            Depart for Golden Rule School – for English teaching
3:00 pm            Depart for Guest house
6:30 pm            Supper at Guest House

Thursday, February 11
6:30 am           Breakfast at Guest House
7:15 am            Depart for Golden Rule School – for English teaching
2:00 pm            Depart Golden Rule
3:00 p.m.          Service at nursing home- Dance, colouring, visiting
4:00 p.m.          Leave for Zipaquira
6:15 pm            Depart for Chia or Cota for supper
8:30 pm            Return to Guest house

Friday, February 12
6:30 am           Breakfast at Guest House
7:15 a.m.          Depart for Acoinprev  (teaching /dance/bible story?)
3:00 p.m.          Depart for Guest house
6:30 pm            Dinner at Guest house

Saturday, February 13
7:00 a.m.          Breakfast at Guest House
7:45 am            Depart for La Jungla
1:00 pm            Lunch at Nuevo Nacimiento
4:30 pm            Depart Nuevo Nacimiento
6:30 p.m.          Dinner at Guest House

Sunday, February 14
8:00 a.m.          Breakfast at Guest House
8:45 a.m.          Depart for church–Tabernaculo de la Fe
9:15 am            Church service
11:15 am          Depart for La Calera     
12:15 pm          Lunch at La Mazorca                 
2:00 p.m.          Hike
3:30 pm            Bartel’s house–supper prep, play with kids, eating, visiting
8:00 pm            Back to guest house – pack everything up!!

Monday, February 15
8:00 am            Breakfast
9:00 a.m.          Depart for Egipto
3:00 pm            Depart for Shopping and Monserrate
6:00 pm            Supper at Tramonti   (nice restaurant overlooking the city)
9:00 pm.           Leave for airport

Tuesday, February 16
1:14 am            Depart Bogota – United Airlines #1006 – to Houston, TX
5:34 am            Arrive Houston – eat breakfast
8:45 am             Depart Houston – United Airlines  #1776 – To Calgary

12:20 pm          Arrive Calgary 


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