Hola Amigos!

It's Lily here. :)
There is no way that I will be able to portray completely how I feel or everything I've learned but here is my attempt on giving you all a glimpse into my adventure here in Colombia:

So far my experience in Colombia has been wonderful, there have been many ups and downs but all in all it has been great. I have loved being immersed in Spanish culture, the people here are so kind, sweet, and altogether amazing. I feel like I've learned so much spanish and I hope to continue learning more.

Today we woke up at 6:00am and it was the first time that the tiredness really hit me, though fortunately I was able to shake it off relatively easily. Right after breakfast we headed to Marinata (an organization that helps kids with their homework and looks after them while their parents are at work). What none of us knew is that when we arrived there we would have to entertain 20 kids for an hour and a half. I must say that I was a little worried at first but our team worked together really well and we were able to stay calm and in my opinion everything went super well.

This afternoon we went to ECA (El Camino Academy) to do our Canada presentations, I won't talk a lot about it because it would take me way too long to write. All in all it went really well but lets just say that I never want to talk about lobsters or maple syrup again for a very long time.

This evening we all separated into groups of two and went to different houses of the families from ECA. Karis and I went to this one families house and they were probably the kindest people I have ever met. I was very surprised to see their house, they lived in a very upscale neighborhood, in a very beautiful house. It was very interesting to see another side of Colombia, it really made this country seem more like Canada. It was also very cool to see that their financial status did not at all affect the way that they treated us, they were amazingly sweet and completely real (it was also super nice that they all spoke english except for the 4 year old). They made us feel so welcomed and said that if we ever come back to Colombia we have to go visit. We talked with them for a very long time and really enjoyed our meal together.

I have already learned a lot on this trip, but one of the main things just hit me today. For the past 4 days that we have been in Colombia I have been constantly thinking about how people expect me to come home changed and possibly a completely new person. I was worried that I wouldn't be at all different when I returned and people would be confused or concerned. But now I have come to the conclusion that I don't need to change completely to learn new things and to have God work in me. I was also thinking about how if we expect God to do incredible things when we go on missions trips, why aren't we expecting Him to do amazing things when we are at home living our normal lives? If God can do spectacular things in Colombia, He can definitely do spectacular things in Canada. The people in Colombia are more similar to us than you would think. When I talked with the kids my age we just talked about things that I would with my friends. We also listen to lots of the same music, do lots of the same things, and even have many of the same apps on our phones. We may come from different cultures and speak different languages but we are all people and as Christians we all serve the same God. Our God is just as alive in Canada as He is in Colombia.


  1. Great insights Lily and your eyes are being opened to how God works in His people around the world and the links that connect us all. Soak up each day and continue to experience everything this experience has to offer. God is using this in your life, and all your teammates lives, not maybe to entirely transform as you said, but to mood and make you more into the disciples He has called you to be.
    Praying for you everyday! Hugs and love, ash

  2. Hi Lily and all your friends in the Colombia Mission.
    Mu Name its Oscar, I´m writing from Bucaramanga Colombia, I´m Father of two kids from 10 and 12.
    I'm really impressed about your feelings about my country, thanks for your understanding of our reality and for to let your country know about our close relation with Jesus.
    Im really inspirated with your school, we just start our process to travel to Canada with a permanent visa, and I´m looking for the best school for my kids; a Christian School totally based in faith. Today I found you and your mission in my country..!!!!. I´m SO HAPPY..! I will try to make contact with your school and start the admission process.
    Again thanks for your prays and work for my country, God Bless all of you with all his glory.
    Sorry about my english.

  3. love hearing and seeimg your perspective. Similar to after Gutemala right? But our perspective needs to continually shift i guess. Maybe Go uses those people and experiences to change US!!


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