Count down to Colombia 2017

Sixteen days from now we will meeting in the cold of night to start our journey to Bogota.  Our 2017 team of eleven grade 12 students and three staff members have been meeting regularly to plan and pray for an event that we are trusting will be life changing.  

We are so glad that you have invested in us - through buying a pie or two, encouraging words, donating finances and especially praying.  Stuff like this doesn't just happen.  It takes a big team of people and we are so thankful for your place on our team.  

There will be updates made here in the next few days as we continue to prepare, pack and re-pack. Team members will each get their turn to open their hearts to you and describe their own experience as we take each step in the adventure.

Our team:  (left to right)  Denise Lockhart, Janaya Walde, Alex Eyjolfson, Brandon Sukkau, 
Emily Szucs, Evie Nelson, Gabby Penner, Tiana Ward, Sheila Adkins, 
Christina Olver, Julie Rector, Cassie Rivers, Steve Zabolotney, John McLim

Please leave comments if you like.  We do read them and it is a big encouragement to all of us to know that you are standing with us. 

Thank you again... 

The 2017 Colombia Team


  1. Welcome to Colombia. Me and my family are very exciting waiting for all of you.


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