February 7...  32 days from today...  we will be in Bogota, Colombia.

To say that we are excited would be a tremendous understatement.  As a team, we have been meeting together every week to plan, pray and prepare for this incredible opportunity.

This blog is to connect us with you, our family and friends, before we go, while we are there and after we get back.  We will all take our turn writing about the things that inspire us, amaze us, and break our hearts.  We are so excited about what God is going to do in and through us. is the team...

(top row)  Sheila Adkins, Erin Nelson, Milena Salerno, Logan Sept

(middle) Jenny Scott, Matt Schalm (not going to Colombia), Brandon Crotser, Dan Kim, Denise Lockhart

(bottom row)  Joanna Nicholson, Lizzy Rashleigh, Shaylah Dyck, Curtis Benevides, Josie Belt

(not pictured:  Rick Belt)

Thank you for your support in so many ways...buying pies, words of encouragement, giving financial support, and especially praying.  You are important members of our team!


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