Day 2

Today's posting is from Dan Kim...

Day 2!  Wow and what a day!!  First off...the big theme was faith!  So we started off the day going to the Recyclers... and as soon as I saw the kids, my heart dropped.  I tried to imagine myself growing up in that environment and realized things like how the kids don't have a future to look forward to.  It was a blessing to see those kids smile when we handed them gifts.  Their smiles were very satisfying.

Afterwards we headed to The Jungle to hang out and meet some more kids, but sadly we got there late and the kids had already left.   This however gave Steve Bartell a chance to give us a tour of the area.  This is where most of our team were affected.  All of us were heartbroken to see the "Bronx" (the deepest ghetto of Bogota), the "Tolerance zone" (open prostitution), and drug dealers everywhere.  It was an area of pure evil.  Worst of all was seeing kids being raised there.  But Steve is absolutely amazing.  He reaches out to these kids and brings them into the Jungle (an indoor playground in their neighborhood) to get them away from that surrounding.  Steve is such a role model.  His complete faith in the Lord is so admirable.  He trusts God with every bone in his body.  I had the chance to talk to him, so I asked him, "Have you ever wanted to just give up?  How do you have so much faith?"

He simply told me, "The Lord is Jehovah Jirah...He is our Provider."  And he truly believed that!

God has been very good to us.  I personally need to put my faith in Him more.  He will provide!!


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