Day 9

This is Erin...

Wow... where to begin. First off i want to say that this has been the most amazing adventure i have ever experienced. I saw God do some amazing things in Colombia, things that i will never forget. this trip has opened my eyes to Gods amazing grace and love for His people.  In the last few days we taught at a school called ECA and it was an English speaking school which was so nice after trying to communicate with kids that don't speak any English. on the way to the school i looked at Milena and at that second we both knew that we forgot all our teaching supplies. This was VERY bad. At this time, we had to turn the bus around and go get our supplies. This was not the best way to start our day, but it definitely could have been worse. After we got our supplies and made it to the school, we began teaching. This was probably one of the hardest days of teaching for me because i was so tired! God is so good, and of coarse He got me through this day just like every other. I know for a fact that i would have not been able to get through this trip without God holding me up. That afternoon Lizzy shared her testimony and i couldn't believe how much i didn't know about her. It made me really appreciate everything about her! This day was great but very hard and I definitely had to rely on God to get me through it. Today was a great day! We did so many fun things and I was grateful for being a part of this amazing team! I loved everything about this trip and although it was the hardest thing i have ever done, it was also the best. I will never forget the people, the food, the traffic, or the weather. It is hard to put into words but i loved Colombia so much! It is something that i will never forget!


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