Day 4

and here's Lizzy....

"We left all the supplies at home.

And that was how our day started. It was our first day of teaching at Golden Rule. "Let's just hope you get the older kids." We were completely unprepared. Walking into the school today and seeing all of these hands outside of the windows all waving at us. The Principal, Andrea, told our group that we would be teaching the older kids. YES! We walked into the first class room. We started off a little nervous (especially with feeling so unprepared) but soon all the jitters left and we all became leaders. 

The second class we went to was a really enthusiastic group. The teacher had found out that I loved to sing and play the guitar. She asked me to play a song I knew. The first song that came to mind was Set A Fire by The United Pursuit. The lyrics are "No place I'd rather be then here in your love." Before I began to sing I explained to the kids what this song meant. That being in the presence of Jesus is the best place to be because he loves us all so fiercely and that when we are with him, nothing can go wrong. As I played the song and heard these kids voices so enthusiastically singing, I started to tear up. It was such a cool moment for me. Realizing that God is so much bigger than the God at my church at home. He's this God that loves and cherishes each and every single one of his children all over the world. Hearing these little Colombian voices, and realizing that he loves and cherishes them too. It just made God seem that much bigger.  

I'm so looking forward to discovering more of just how big our God is in the days to come. 

** ps **

In six years of travel to Colombia we had our very first trip to the hospital today.  During a pretty stellar soccer match between Canada and Colombia (we won by the way)... Logan scored a beauty goal.  On his victory jump, he came down wrong on his ankle.  The swelling was immediate and pretty severe.  We decided to make sure that he was okay so off he and Rick went to the hospital...where they sat for 8 hours, waiting for a doctor.  Praise the Lord, there was no fracture - only a doozy of a sprain and he will be hobbling for a few days.  Thanks for your prayers for our safety...even in soccer games!


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