Day 5

Hello loved ones, Milena here! 

First off, Colombia continues to steal my heart more and more every day. I love everything here.. the kids, the culture, the food, the people, and most of all.. the way God's love is so evident in people's actions. I have never felt so much love in my life. Everything from the incredible cook who pours out her love to us, all the way to the little children who we teach! As soon as the kids see us they automatically drop what they're doing and come and give us all hugs.

Today during snack time, every kid came and shared their food with us. Oh, and these children have the most amazing patience I've ever seen. They will ramble on in Spanish and we obviously don't understand anything.  We give them a blank look and show them that we don't understand so they sit there with us, say it slower, use actions, use objects, etc. They will work at it until we finally understand what they're saying. Ahh they are just so cute, and continue to melt my heart. This morning I was very tired on the way to teaching, and I was lacking some motivation, but the second I saw the looks on those kids faces when we stepped in the room, all of those thoughts were gone and I was so ready to give it all I had.

The hardest thing is realizing the situations that  some of these children live in and not being able to do much about it. We always hear about the corruption that goes on in the world, but to actually see it is a whole new reality. It makes me wonder why am I so blessed? Of course I'm extremely thankful for being raised in an amazing loving home with incredible parents, in a sweet town, extremely safe country, etc. but why me? Children are so innocent, and no child deserves to be put in this kind of lifestyle.. If I had been born to different parents, my life could have easily been completely opposite to what it is.. And that is what I am struggling with currently. Stephen Bartel (the best man I have ever encountered) took us on a tour of a very rough part in Bogota a couple days ago, which completely tore my heart apart. It was the first time I really realized that without God, we can't do anything. Without the presence of God, life is just complete evil, there is nothing good to it. For example, I have always heard of prostitution, but to actually see it was a completely different story, and that's when it hit me. Every single woman on this earth deserves to be loved and cared for and treated like gold by an incredible man! The thought that these woman will probably never be able to experience that just hurts my heart. So my prayer today is for God to continue breaking our hearts for what breaks His.

On a lighter note, God has shown me very evidently how the universal language is love. Love love love.. when there is a major language barrier, there is really no other choice. In all honesty though, the language of love can express so much more than words. We went to an orphanage and this girl (about 12 years old) held my hand the entire time. She did not speak any English. When I left that place, I felt as though that girl and I had had the best conversation I've ever had with anyone. It was great! It's just amazing here! Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives and we love you so much!! Love you daddy, momma, Gi, and Bru 


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