Day 10 - Good bye Bogota

I say it every year...  it went just too too fast.

I am sitting at the airport, somewhat  extremely exhausted, waiting for our flight on our first leg home.  Team members are flopped out on hard chairs here at the gate - sad to be leaving but also glad to be getting back to Three Hills.

To say that this has been a great trip just doesn't do justice to the incredible 10 days that we have had. We have laughed, cried, sang, hugged, and loved through our moments here in this beautiful country of Colombia. 

We are asked all the time down here what is our favorite part of Colombia.  Without question we answer... THE PEOPLE!  We have not come across one single Colombian that we haven't fallen in love with.  They have been warm and accepting - not just polite - but truly embracing us as family.  

I want to take some time to thank certain people.  First of all - ECA staff.  Beth, Judith,  Ericka, Marci, Sol, and so many others that work so hard to make sure that all of our needs and wishes are granted on a daily basis.  What you do is so appreciated!  We love you so much!!

To the schools - Acoinprev and Golden Rule - especially Andrea, Jeannette, Omaida, Martha, Chef Rene, and all the other teachers and staff and students that welcome us with love, posters, hugs, gifts, candy etc...  we are humbled by your love toward us.  Thank you for your love!!

To the Suarez family...  I can't even begin to tell you how much you mean to us.  You are like our family here in Colombia and it hurts so much to say goodbye.  We love you soooo much and thank you for all that you sacrifice for us every year.  

To Bertha and Luz Angela... our angels in aprons.  You feed us so very well and we are blessed by the gracious way that you do that.  You model Jesus to us as a team.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So... we board in just a few minutes now.  Tears are still burning my eyes as I write this.  My heart is full.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to do this year after year.  I am excited to see our kids' hearts be touched and sometimes broken as we move from ministry to ministry.  I am excited when they fall in love with this wonderful country and these incredible people that I too love deeply.  

I thank God for these days in Bogota.  Time to start planning for next year!

Thank you for praying for us these past days.  If you are on line tonight please pray for our long night of travelling, immigration, and waiting.  Emily is really not well tonight so an extra word of your prayers would be very appreciated.  

Dios te bendiga!


  1. Trust you are nearing home. praising God for safety. May the vision and inspiration gained last a lifetime in these young minds and hearts.


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