Days 7 & 8 - Colombia 2017 Adventures Continue!

Hey everyone!  This is Evie

So yesterday was our second day of teaching at Golden Rule and it was just as amazing as the first day!  The students and the teachers are incredibly generous and kind.  I wanted so badly to spend more time there.  It was so cool to see how much the students wanted to learn English.  They give and they give and they give!  We came home with a LOT of candy.  My teaching group spent more time with the older kids which was lots of fun.  The grade 11 class even tried to teach us to dance... which was really funny.  Leaving the school was kind of hard because there was so much more that we could have talked about but it was an amazing experience.  After Golden Rule we went to the Old Folks Home.  The people there are so so so sweet!  It was kind of sad because they were trying so hard to talk to us but we could not understand.  I don't even think they were speaking in any kind of language.  We sang to them and that was really great.  After the old folks home we went to someones house for supper.  When we got back to the guest house we were all pretty tired so we went to bed right away! 

Today we went to go pick up some kids from a really poor neighbourhood and spent the whole day with them!  We went on the most beautiful hike.  The girl that I walked with was named Nicole and she was very very sweet.  Even though we couldn't communicate we still had a lot of fun.  She took a lot of pictures for me which was really helpful because I didn't really feel like it.  It was pretty heartbreaking to see where these kids live and the people that they live with.  But it felt really good to be able to bring a little bit of joy to their lives.  Some of these kids had never been out of the city, so I think they had a really good experience.  Then we had a long drive home and an early night! Today was probably one of my favourite days yet! 

Thank you all for your prayers! 

Hola! Tiana here! 

Today was filled with love, adventure, and lots of laughs! Today we spend our whole day with 15 of the sweetest children, everyone was paired up with a child from a really poor neighborhood, I'm talking about no running water, less than limited food and barely a roof over their head. I spent my day with an eight year old boy named Miguel, and boy he was a tank. When I first met him he took a seat right beside me and started talking! I explained to him at least over five times that I did not speak Spanish and did not understand what he was saying.  That sure did not mean  much to him because from that moment on he spoke a hundred miles a minute non stop for the whole day. When we arrived at the park we had a quick snack and went on a tour with a Spanish speaking tour guide, needless to say I didn't understand 97% of the words spoken today but that didn't stop me from having a real love and connection with Miguel. 

The hike was beautiful, the trees, mountains and water really captured Gods amazing handiwork, and in no way could the beauty of the view and love shared today be captured in a picture. The way home was difficultly an adventure, Miguel ended up getting bus sick and threw up (I had fallen asleep and he calmly found a bag did what he needed to do and woke me up to dispose of it) and then he proceeded to sing for most of the ride home. He belted out Spanish songs with all he had and nobody really knew what he was singing, but the joy that was in those eyes is unmistakable. When I gave him a farewell gift of a Frisbee with a Canadian flag on it he was so excited he screamed and hugged me and his face was truly unforgettable. This one Spanish speaking child has blessed me more then I ever thought possible, and I am forever thankful for these children who have made such an impact on my view of life! Thank you for your constant prayer and support, they are appreciated beyond words!


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