Hey it's Cassie!

Let me tell you about my day, this morning we arrive at Hogar de Paz, which is a day care for kids that are in a poor neighborhood and their parents work during the day.  Most schools in Colombia only run for about 4 hours a day, so the kids that go to school there might not have anything to do in the afternoon. This day care/school brings the worst of the worst students to the top of the acedemic charts. They are so talented in reading not only Spanish, but English too.  It is so crazy how in just a couple of hours you can connect with a person.   I fell in love with those kids, and I am praying the ministry sticks around for a long time, because it makes such a huge difference in these kid's lives.

After Hogar de Paz we went to ECA, which is a Christian English speaking school.  While we were there we taught them about Canada, which was draining but still super cool!  Also something crazy that we did today was we learned Colombian dancing, which we were not very good at, but it was still super fun and they were really encouraging!

In the evening we went for supper with some ECA families, Evie and I were together with one of the nicest families I have ever met!  Their love for God was super inspiring, and my heart was full with so much joy, I am so happy to have met them.  For example when the 13 year-old boy was praying at supper he spoke with so much love for the Lord and so much love for us being there.  It really filled my heart.  It makes you realize how important it is to show love to each other, because that is what really builds us up as individuals.  I just fell in love with that family, and the amazing work they are doing for the Lord!

Hola,  (from Mr. Z)

     This is my first blog.  Ever.  I want to say, Captain's log, Starship Enterprize, but it's probably been done before.  The people here have been more than hospitable and the food is amazing.   Traffic laws are more like suggestions and all the motorcyclists seem to have a death wish.  Now that I've caught up on my sleep, things are rolling along really well.  Working with this team has been encouraging.   At this point I would recommend them for almost any adventure.  The inner city youth center that we were at on Saturday gave me the most to think about.  Many, if not most of the children that come to that center,  (The Jungle,)  come from desperate, or heartbreaking situations.  Once they have been aquainted with the staff at the center there is a chance that they can move to a ministry that sets up a somewhat permanent foster situation for them in a safe and loving place.   However, even though many, many children have been helped there are much more that do not recieve help.   Bogota apparently has a poplulation of over 8 million.   There are a lot of people with seriously troubled lives in a city that large.  

   Today we were at a daycare for at risk children.  They were a very willing and eager bunch that gave us a lot of encouragment despite their young age.   

Stay tuned for future episodes of, "Team Canada in Colombia"


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