Day 2 - Church & The Bartell's house

Hello, this is Evie! 

So today was pretty great! We got to sleep in a little bit, had breakfast and then headed off to church. Although we could not understand very much, it was still pretty incredible. Just looking around and seeing everyone praising the same God I praise but in a different language was very cool to watch. They are definitely not afraid to worship! Even though I am not a big fan of hugging, the people at the church were so kind and so loving that it didn't really bug me. 

After church our bus was an hour late so we got to sit outside and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL sun. Once the bus came we went out for lunch and it was delicious! Also the view was amazing! Then after lunch we went to the Bartell's house and got a tour of everything! Lots of up hill climbing, which was a little rough but I survived.  After that we went inside and Steve Bartell told us a bit of his story and the miraculous things God is doing in and through him. Some of the stories he told us about the kids he takes in was truly heartbreaking but at the same time very inspiring. The things that Steve and his wife Evie do are insane. I could never imagine having that much patience and dedication! They live completely by faith and I think that was a really good lesson for our whole team.

Even though some of us are a little sun burnt and tired we are ready to see what else God has in store for us! 

Thanks SO much for all of your prayers!

Hey everyone, I'm Alex. 

Today was such an amazing day.  This morning for church we went to a Spanish church - Ruben's church actually.  Ruben was our translator, and it was amazing hearing the pator talk in Spanish and getting the English version.  After Church was finished, we were trying to find the bus, but actually the bus was an hour late.  It was so cool to see how God was working in our lives there.  There was a few people stressed out, but the rest of us were sitting outside, in the beautiful sun, singing song after song.  We were bonding as a team and having conversations that we would not have sitting outside in Canada.  It was so much fun just waiting for the bus to come.  When the bus finally came, we went out of the city and ate at a really good BBQ place then crossed the very busy street to this yummy dessert place.  

After we finished lunch, we drove up to the Bartell's house.  We brought tacos for supper and everyone liked them.  While some of the girls were cooking, we got to hear some of the stories that Mr. Bartell has experienced.  It was so cool to sit and listen to the ways that God it working in their lives.  After supper, we hung out at their house, and talked until the kids had to go to bed and we had to head back into the city.   It took about a hour and a half back to the house that we are staying in.

My high today was going to the Spanish church.  As soon as the music started, people started clapping and raising their hands.  It was amazing to see that God can work in peoples live in different countries, different times and different ways as well.  My low for the day is saying good bye to the people that we have met.  They are amazing people, and God is working through them all the time. Now we are at home, and we are getting ready for tomorrow. God is amazing and working through us each and everyday that we are down here!

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!


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