Day 10 The Last Day!

Hello from Dave!

We are about to board our final flight in Houston - soon to be home.   Our days have been full, overflowing with new friends and experiences that have impacted us forever.  Our last day in Colombia began in a new neighbourhood called Barrio Egipto.  It has a deep history in Bogota as one of it's founding communities.  It was originally named by the priests as "Run from Egypt" but was shortened to "Egypt" and like it's present name, it has become a place of slavery.  Slavery to violence, abuse and pain.  As we arrived, we were met by a beacon of light.  Elias with his amazing smile, welcomed us and explained to us how God has given him love for these people.  For over 20 years, he has poured his life into helping these people live like they are out of Egypt.
He runs a daily program with committed staff giving kids a safe place and teaching them physical and spiritual things.  He told us that our visit was God's divine timing, since the night before many of the homes from which these kids come, were forcibly entered by the authorities because a gang had previously attacked the guards.  Yes, the parents of these kids are gang members.  Our visit would bring joy and love after their difficult night.  Our job was to love and do that by painting faces, playing games, telling a Biblical story and simply giving of ourselves to get to know them.  Many had hard exteriors, but connections were made.

One 16 year old boy named Harvey, appeared to be a leader in the group.  His soccer skill made us look like snowmen.  But what stood out to me was his spirit.  He did all he could to connect with very little English ability  He welcomed us as one of his own, and we did the same.  As we were leaving, he walked us out and with all sincerity he said to us, "God Bless you!"   God has blessed us though Harvey and many others.  We trust that others have been blessed though us as well.

That evening we enjoyed a farewell meal with all the incredible people who served us as hosts and guides throughout our time.  As I reflect on the new friendships, I am amazed at how strangers a few days earlier can love each other so much.  I know it is the love of Christ poured out that produces this.  We pray that because of our time here in Colombia, many people were blessed by Christ through us.  I also pray that we would remember and desire to live out the love of Christ as we return home.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. God has and will continue to do great things as we keep our eyes fixed on Him!  We are excited to see you all in a few short hours and share the wonderful things that the Lord has done!


  1. We have been blessed here, too, reading the incredible ways that God has used the entire team to love on the children and adults in Colombia. God is at work in will be amazing to see in the near future how He is building His Kingdom. Buen viaje! Que Dios les bendiga. Hasta pronto!

  2. We have enjoyed reading all of your comments and learning of the impressions you have been having there. We have also prayed for you almost daily and now you are on the home "treck". Have safe travels and wonderful reunions with families and schoolmates.


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