Day Cinco! - Wednesday and half way through!

This is Carter...

After yet another early rise at 6:00, we traveled by bus to the school: Camino a la Cima. During our time at the school we split up into seven groups and all had opportunity to teach different grades. I had to see grades nine, ten, and eleven. All three grades were incredibly fun to hang with, but one of my favourite classes was the grade eleven class.

They spoke decent english which made it more enjoyable. The grade elevens had a activity planned for us in which each student had to bring a food that is traditional in Colombia. They also recorded our reactions which was rather hilarious when it came to some foods. Some of the more bizarre foods were pig head, as well as I ate the eye of a fish. That eye was certainly interesting I will say! During lunch at the school I had the opportunity to place soccer with some Colombians. It was a humbling experience but I certainly held my own.

After finishing an incredibly fun day at the school, we took our bus to Nuevo Nacimiento which was a teen moms home. The girls got to do crafts and activities with the moms, while us guys had the opportunity to look after the moms babies. I held a very young baby, maybe one or two months old and the fact that her mother was probably sixteen or even youger was so sad. This baby was so sweet and all of us guys prayed for the babies we were holding. My prayer for the baby was that there would be opportunity to make the best of life despite terrible conditions. I prayed that the baby would be a light for Christ and that someone would be there for the child.

Today was a wonderful day and I had tons of fun. I felt very blessed in the way that we wanted to bless the kids at the school but instead the students blessed us with their love and hospitality.

Hi! This is Mariah.

For me today was yet another day to see God working through our weaknesses and uncertainties to show us that He has eveything under His control. Although we had no idea what to expect coming into Camino a la Cima because PCA teams haven't taught at it before, I think it's safe to say it exceeded all our expectations. The enthusiasm and joy of both the teachers and the students the moment we got to the school was amazing to see. All the teachers were so happy to have us come and share in their classrooms, and the joy and patience they had in their roles really struck me. The students were so excited to hear all about us and our lives in Canada. For lunch, I sat at a table with five grade 5 kids and answered question after question asked in broken English about Canada and how I liked Colombia. Probably the thing that was the most inspirational and challenging to me was the crazy generosity of everyone at the school. These kids are poor in comparison to how most people like in Canada, but they were all anxious to give us whatever they had from stickers and Valentine's candy to cards and endless hugs. It was super humbling. When we left, the school gave us all gift bags to thank us for coming. I know we were supposed to come here to encourage and teach these people, but to be honest, I feel like they are teaching me far more about what it means to love selflessly than I am ever teaching them about English.

After visiting the teen mom's home, we came back to our guesthouse for the evening. Berta made us yet another amazing meal and then we had a great time sharing stories and reflections from the day and praying together. Today was an incredible day and I think seeing the love of the people of Colombia has inspired us all to be more faithful in sharing the love of Christ with those around us everyday, whether that be here in Colombia or back in Three Hills.


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