Day 4 - Tuesday!!

Hola!  This is Noah...

Today has been a long but very fun and productive day. Today was our first day of teaching at one of the schools called Acoinprev. This school blew my mind, there was 840 kids in the school and only 35 teachers, but my favorite part of the school was the basketball court in the centre of the 3 story building. I was told by previous Colombia team members that there was a basketball court but did not think that I was going to be able to play.

I have been present at 2 high school provincial backsetball championships with 200 people in the gym but nothing prepared me for how loud these Colombian kids would be. It was so amazing, 800 kids were screaming and hollering and had the court surrounded. This was definitely a highlight of the day, but teaching these Colombian kids was awesome.

So far I have seen God working in my life immensly but more importantly, I have noticed that I am a light to these kids at these schools, daycares and in general to the people I meet. God has been working through me to be the messenger of hope to these kids, and I can not wait to continue teaching and being the hope to these kids and the people of Colombia. You can pray for me and the Colombia team, that we will continue to be the light to the people of Colombia, and that God will continue to use us for being the messenger of his word, and hope.

That's all for now, thank you for keeping the team and me in your prayers.

Dios te bendiga.


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