Day 3 - We wish all Mondays were like this!

Hey this is Morgan!

Wow! What a crazy day today has been, but awesome nonetheless! We started the day off with an early morning and some amazing breakfast. Soon after we left for a day care called Hogar de Paz, and we got to play games, do crafts and just do some one on one time with the kids. Even though there was a huge language barrier we all found ways to communicate and interact. Most kids found a Canadian and clung onto them for most of the time, it was so so cute! Their little faces with huge smiles coud melt your heart in an instant.

Around 10am we left for ECA to set up our Canada Day presentation.... to say the least I am tired of talking about the 10 dollar bill. After talking from 10-3 and rotating through pre kinder to grade 8, your voice starts slipping.

Tonight we got the opportuinity to go to a home of an ECA student and have dinner with the family. We walked to their appartment building and they welcomed us into their homes and we ate some delish food! It been a long day, but I'm looking forward to our first day of teaching tomorrow!

Hello, this is Michael:

Today started off bright and early with the guys waking up at 5:30 Colombian time. After that we got to head on down to a day care called Hogar de Paz, where we all got to hang out with the little kids, play games, and make crafts with them. They sang a couple of songs for us, and it felt like an overload of cuteness. We also got to hear a story about Marta, the leader of the day care, and how God has been working in her life.

Later that day we all went to the ECA school and taught pre-k to grade 8 all about our Canadian currency. I have never talked about the quarter so much, and never plan on talking about it that much again. While it was long, it was actually a lot of fun and definetely worth every second. For lunch each of us was assigned to a grade 12 student, and it was really fun to get to meet them, and get to talk to some of the ones we had already met. At the end of the day we were taken on a tour of the school. It was really cool to hear how much they implement God into their schooling. She said, "Our goal is that if we removed the Bible class from the school, the kids would still be taught Biblical truth." That really stuck out to me, and I really appreciated all of the efforts that are put into place by the school.

In the evening everyone broke up into groups of two, and we all went to a different ECA student families house. I got to go to a house with Chloe, and later Morgan, Carter and Mariah joined us at our house. We got to talk to a few kids named Juan, Jose and Sarah. Jose told us all about the ECA mission trip that he was going on to the amazon, and about his same trip the year before. Their was a lot of sadness in his story about it, in regards to the sin that goes on there. But I could also tell that he had a big heart for the Lord though, and was very excited to get to go and share the word of the Lord with the people in the Amazon.

All in all everyone loved just about every part of today. I can say that every person loved today, and most everyone's heart broke when we left the day care. I think that every day my love for Colombia exponentialy grows, and I am really looking forward to see what God has in store for us during the remainder of the trip.


  1. So great to hear about this amazing school and how God is impacting each of you on this trip! Our God is great! Keep on being His hands, His feet, and His arms of love! Awesome work!

  2. It is so wonderful to hear about your busy, but enriching days. I love how God is using this experience to open your eyes to a new culture, new people and expanding your understanding of the world and international ministry!


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