Day 7 - FRIDAY - I can't believe we've been here a week!!!

Hey.. this is Ethan!

Today was a great, but long, day! We started off with an early morning of teaching at Golden Rule. Today was our second day there and we had a great time teaching the kids English and getting to know them better. After teaching a couple classes we went out for break and had a baskeball game with the students and teachers. There was six of us Canadians that played against some of the students and teachers. It was really tiring playing out in the heat and high altitude. The game was lots of fun and we had some great plays even though we were very tired. We ended up winning by a lot in a really fun game.  After teaching a few more really good classes we said our goodbyes and ended our last day of teaching.

Right after leaving the school we headed to a nursing home called San Rafael, where we sang a few songs for the people and talked with them for a little bit. Shortly after we headed to the Salt Cathedral and went on a tour of the place. It was really neat to see the elaborate sculptures and tunnels. We sang another song in the Cathedral's chapel and it sounded great.

After the tour was over we headed over for a late supper with teachers from ECA. We had a really great meal and made it back to the guest house really late.

It was a great day, now its time to sleep.


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