Day 8 - SATURDAY is a walk in the park! (well - a run - after some very active kids)

Hello from Rachel!

       Today was a day that everyone was a bit unsure about from the beginning of the week. We knew from the start of the week that today would be unpredictable and long. In the end I would say that it was an amazing success. Each of us from the team along with Claritta and her family each took one or two kids to take care of from a day care that came to spend the day at the park with us. A lot of the kids were coming from a rough backround and so can be really tough to deal with, yet at the same time it was amazing to see the joy that was in each one of them. Going to the park today was a an oppertunity that comes rarely if ever for this group of kids.

        I got to spend the day with a little girl named Kelli. Kelli is a chatterer. While I only understood about a fourth of what she said to me, I loved spending the   day getting to know her. Granted it was terrifying at moments, she loves climbing things for the sole purpose of jumping off, It was a learning experience for most of us. It is amazing how many kids we have spent time with this week, and yet the capacity God has given  us to love each one.


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