Day 6 - Thursday... What a GREAT day!!

Hello from Chloe!

Today was a good day! It was our first day at Golden Rule and it was pretty incredible. I have known since we have arrived here that the people of Colombia were a people of unbound less love, but today it was more real than ever! As soon as we got off the bus and walked about 20 steps towards the school there were kids yelling and screaming hello to us when they did not even know who we were. Little did we know the kids and staff at that school had so much more in store for us.

We entered the doors of the school and were just welcomed. The moment we got inside I know we felt loved. We ended up splitting into our teaching groups thinking we were just going to get a hello from every class, but no, they welcomed us with banners, presentations about their culture, and SO MUCH FOOD.

It was amazing to see how much that they poured out on us when we had not even done anything for them yet. Everyone just had such a loving spirit and knowing that this school is in such a rough neighbourhood is hard to comprehend. As you walk to the school you can see pairs upon pairs of shoes on the power lines, which is a sign for where you can get drugs. This is all around the kids' playground and during recess and break you can just see all the people standing around waiting till the kids are gone. This was definitely hard to see.

Prayers are definitely needed for the area around this school, but the school seems to be such a bright light in this very dark neighbourhood. Thanks for your prayers! We will be home soon.poured


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